Availability in Poland

Are poppers legal in Poland?

All products containing isopropyl nitrite, pentyl nitrite and isopropanol are fully authorised for sale to the general public both retail and wholesale. In some forums you can read false information that poppers are a psychoactive substance and should be banned. This is due to ignorance and false associations. None of the ingredients is a psychoactive substance, i.e. it does not affect the central nervous system and does not affect brain function.

In the past, poppers contained amyl nitrite (EC 203-770-8, CAS No 110-46-3), which was used for a long time to treat angina and also as an antidote in cyanide poisoning. When nitrite is inhaled, there is an immediate, but very short-lived vasodilation of the blood vessels and a reduction in blood pressure. This manifests itself, for example, by causing a feeling of warmth or flushing of the face, which disappears after several seconds. This is why some people confuse a temporary effect on the circulatory system with an effect on the central nervous system.

Products containing amyl nitrite (EC 203-770-8, CAS 110-46-3) or isobutyl nitrite (EC 208-819-7, CAS 542-56-3) are currently no longer on sale. The sale of the latter was banned on the grounds of harmfulness in Regulation (EC) No 1907/2006 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 18 December 2006.