Types of poppers

Poppers differ primarily in their country of origin and composition. The most popular Canadian poppers contain mainly pentyl nitrite (e.g. Rush Ultra Strong), and most additionally Di-Sec Butylcarbinol and 1-Pentanol (e.g. Amsterdam Special, Blue Boy, Highrise, Iron Horse, Jungle Juice, Man Scent).
Poppers Amsterdam Ultra GoldPoppers Jungle JuicePoppers Blue Boy

Of the European brands, Austrian poppers contain only pentyl nitrite (e.g. Liquid Gold, or Rush poppers) or isopropyl nitrite (e.g. Oink!). The French brand Jolt has an interesting range, with additives of coconut, raspberry, mint, eucalyptus and almond flavours in addition to isopropyl nitrite. The British base the composition of their bestsellers, such as English, Berlin XXX and Pure Gold, on a mixture of isopropanol and isopropyl nitrite.