What are poppers? Where to buy?

Poppers are the common name for various alkyl nitrites. For home use, they can be bought, among other things, in small glass bottles of 9 to 30 ml. For buyers in the wholesale market, poppers are offered in sets of dozens, so that the unit price is very low.
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The answer to the question of where to buy poppers is simple: an established online shop that has been on the market for many years is always best. You should certainly beware of anonymous sellers of poppers on Allegro, whose accounts appear as quickly as they disappear afterwards, as can be seen by their lack of stars. It is not worth risking your money and nerves. Once you have chosen an online shop, the question is which poppers to choose. There are many brands on the market with slightly different compositions, so it is worth asking your friends, for example, for their opinion on a particular popper. We also encourage you to read our website, where you can find out what types of poppers there are, what they contain, how they work, whether they have side effects and why the original American Rush poppers are no longer manufactured.

Once you have acquired the theoretical knowledge it is time to buy. The largest and longest operating poppers shop in Poland is FRIXX.PL, buying here you have a guarantee of originality, because even such products are already imitated! In addition, when ordering from the Polish shop you can pay by BLIK, cash on delivery, e-transfers from Polish banks or by credit card through Polish well-known operators. Delivery is also very fast and, most importantly, you can choose discreet delivery to an InPost parcel machine or an "overnight" courier. This is something no foreign poppers shop will offer you. In foreign shops, you should also be careful about the prices displayed in zlotys, as payment is always made in euros and you will find a completely different exchange rate on your bank bill than the shop showed on its website to encourage you to buy.